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whitewater fun, friendship and awareness

I never could have imagined that the Soča would become a special place for me. This beautiful river with its amazing colour is a great place for paddlers and all kinds of skill levels. Some sections are easy, some are challenging and some are insane or even forbidden.Earlier, I bought myself an Alpackaraft (Huh???) and there couldn’t be a better place to start paddling it there, but if your inexperienced, you might want some help taking the first steps.That’s why I registered last minute for the European Packrafting meet-up (The what???).

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a plan coming together

What is that plan? Our plan is a very rough route that we set out more than a year and a half ago. We would first travel east to Romania, from there around the southern Black Sea to Georgia, than we would make our way back to the west, to Portugal and from there we would drive up north to the cape. In between those destinations we would cross more than twenty countries and we estimated to drive around 35 000 k. The timetable was simple, early fall we needed to be in Georgia so we would have plenty of snow-free mountain time, the south of Europe and Portugal would make a good destination to spent the winter and heading north would be in the same pace as spring would arrive.Sounds like a solid plan, doesn’t it?

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Iberian exploits and how beauty and wonder make us more determent human beings

We travelled for 20 000 k and climate change is real and it’s out there. We worry when we see vast areas that are destroyed by forest fires and drought, we worry when we hear that they only could ski for one weekend that year because there was almost no snow, we worry when people call us lucky because it didn’t rain for months now, we worry because we saw so many beautiful things that are on the verge of disappearing for ever. It’s just a shame that so much beauty might go to waste when we don’t act now.

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Living and working on an island, our Sardinian Workaway

We often fantasize about how it would be to abandon our busy city life, quit our jobs and move to the Ardennes or even abroad to start a more sustainable and peaceful life in the countryside where we can grow our own vegetables, keep bees, pigs, chickens and a cow. We tend to see only the romantic part of it. But reality thought us that hard work and perseverance alone are not enough. There are plenty of other factors that influence your chance on success and happiness.
The key element is not to be afraid to make choices, even if they turn your life upside down and inside out. The road lies ahead and if you keep looking over your shoulder, you’ll only hit your head.