outdoor cooking

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east from south to north

There’s a lot to say about our trip up north, but I think that the keyword here is: contrast. Cultural differences, priorities in life, incomparable historic backgrounds, childhood opportunities, food and cuisine, attitude concerning nature preservation, styles in architecture and housing, traditions or the lack of them, openness towards others, landscapes, the amount of daylight and so much more.
There’s only one thing that was a constant during our drive up north and that was the absence of litter. Everything was so clean. It is a huge difference with the eastern, south-eastern and southern part of our trip.

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a plan coming together

What is that plan? Our plan is a very rough route that we set out more than a year and a half ago. We would first travel east to Romania, from there around the southern Black Sea to Georgia, than we would make our way back to the west, to Portugal and from there we would drive up north to the cape. In between those destinations we would cross more than twenty countries and we estimated to drive around 35 000 k. The timetable was simple, early fall we needed to be in Georgia so we would have plenty of snow-free mountain time, the south of Europe and Portugal would make a good destination to spent the winter and heading north would be in the same pace as spring would arrive.Sounds like a solid plan, doesn’t it?