We love great design, good company, good food and drinks. We love camping, hiking and fishing. 
In fact, we love being outdoors: exploring nature, pushing our limits. It’s what gives us energy and inspiration.

With Hooked we’ve created more than just another brand. We’ve found a way to express our love for you and for our planet. Hooked is about making a statement. It’s about saying we love the great outdoors and we respect our natural resources. ‘Good’ design should not equal boring. Our planet is our most precious good and we want to do our share in preserving it. To us, truly great design rests on this premise

Hooked uses only organic cotton from fair-trade manufacturers who use clean production processes that are CO2 neutral and pay their workers a fair wage. We do what we can to not overexploit our planet and its people. Are you ready to make your statement?

Make a statement, get Hooked.