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Living and working on an island, our Sardinian Workaway

We often fantasize about how it would be to abandon our busy city life, quit our jobs and move to the Ardennes or even abroad to start a more sustainable and peaceful life in the countryside where we can grow our own vegetables, keep bees, pigs, chickens and a cow. We tend to see only the romantic part of it. But reality thought us that hard work and perseverance alone are not enough. There are plenty of other factors that influence your chance on success and happiness.
The key element is not to be afraid to make choices, even if they turn your life upside down and inside out. The road lies ahead and if you keep looking over your shoulder, you’ll only hit your head.

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The Greek empire… or is this Turkey (part one)

We did an amazing road trip there. We entered Turkey from Bulgaria and drove for Istanbul where we entered Asia, than we went west via Samson and Trabson to cross the border with Georgia, we re-entered Turkey in Türkgözü and continued our way back east again to Cappadocia. From there we drove for Ergirdir, Antalya and Izmir to re-enter Europe at Canakkale and to leave the country via Ipsala at the Greek border.

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Roadtripping through a beautiful Turkey

After our two-day hike and one more relaxing day in the baths of Borjomi, we left Georgia, a country we fell in love with. The six weeks we spent there were amazing and won’t be forgotten. We crossed the border at Vale although the guesthouse...